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The nagging and unmanageable pain over my lumbar area was greatly affecting my work and daily activities. After being diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in 2009 over L4 area, I tried various medicine, been to sinsehs, and massages to no avail. Just as I thought this pain was there to haunt me forever, I was recommended to try Pilates in the hopes of alleviating my pain. After practising Pilates with Jerry for a period of time, what I find most amazing is not just being free of lumbar pain, the teachers at PBT even taught me how to ‘bring’ Pilates home, guided me to independently manage simple stretches and exercises when I am not in the studio. I am much more confident with regards to my managing my back with good posture, stretches, and exercises, instead of being reliant on medication. I am thankful for Jerry and how he has made a difference in me and my back injury through Pilates.

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