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The law of motion states that the force of an object = the object’s mass multiplied by acceleration.

In other words, there are two ways to improve a person’s functional force (power, strength, or stability):

1. Add more mass (using weights) or
2. Apply more acceleration to the body

See, if they had taught physics in this manner perhaps I would’ve paid more attention in class.

Traditional weight training is the easiest example of the first option. The more weights you add, the more you have to work your muscle to move against it. Pretty straightforward.

What the Power Plate does is use acceleration instead of mass through its vibrations. These vibrations make the body feel like it weighs more whenever acceleration increases. As a result, you have to work against a “more gravity” with every exercise you perform.

And because it uses your own bodyweight against gravity, moving on the PowerPlate is considered to be low impact (and better for your joints!).

The PowerPlate’s tri-planar vibration means that we can apply the same acceleration effect to stretches, and the results we get are magnified.

In fact, Jerry’s Accelerated Flexibility Training workshop also features stretching on the PowerPlate because of its vibrations that allow us to get more results in a lot less time.

(Of course, his coverage of stretching techniques like the Reciprocal Inhibition reflex or the Contract‒Relax approach makes the stretching process even more effective on the plate but that’s besides the point.)

The vibrations also help speed up the process because of the rapidly alternating muscle contractions and release.

This is their claim, and after using it for a year now, my students can feel its effects and I truly believe it. Just imagine, for every minute of workout or stretching you do on the PowerPlate, it’s akin to 5 minutes on the ground. That means you only need 1 minute in a basic inner thigh stretch on the plate to experience the same effects as if you had spent 5 minutes on the ground!

If that isn’t time travel, I don’t know what is.


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