Teachers at PBT even taught me how to ‘bring’ Pilates home

The nagging and unmanageable pain over my lumbar area was greatly affecting my work and daily activities. After being diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in 2009 over L4 area, I tried various medicine, been to sinsehs, and massages to no avail. Just as I thought this pain was there to haunt me forever, I was recommended to try Pilates in the hopes of alleviating my pain. After practising Pilates with Jerry for a period of time, what I find most amazing is not just being free of lumbar pain, the teachers at PBT even taught me how to ‘bring’ Pilates home, guided me to independently manage simple stretches and exercises when I am not in the studio. I am much more confident with regards to my managing my back with good posture, stretches, and exercises, instead of being reliant on medication. I am thankful for Jerry and how he has made a difference in me and my back injury through Pilates.

Claudia Tan

Fundamental in helping me get back in shape after pregnancy

When I first started Pilates a few years ago, a good friend recommended Kris to me and she has been a fantastic Pilates teacher to me since. Although she is very friendly and patient, she is also not afraid to help me realise my movement potential! Every personal session is customised to my needs, and I finish each session feeling thoroughly invigorated. She has been fundamental in helping me get back into shape after my pregnancy and I cannot imagine taking classes under anyone else!

Siew Ling
Lawyer, mother of two

I actually feel better and younger!

I first stepped into a Pilates studio in 2003 when I just had my first born. I already suffered from bad posture but I put on 20 kg during pregnancy and was carrying a baby to breastfeed full time, so I was putting a lot of strain on my neck, shoulders and back. It also did not help that I returned to full time employment after pregnancy, and was spending an average of 10 hours a day in front of the computer. I was in constant ache and pain and I felt like an old lady despite my age. 10 years on, I’ve stuck to my regime of practicing Pilates once a week with Daniel (twice if I am lucky). I had two boys in between and even after two pregnancies, I actually feel better and younger! I started out with Pilates classes as a form of stretching and pain management, but have benefited immensely from incorporating this into everyday movements. Not to mention, it definitely helps in keeping myself looking fit and trim! Pilates is more than a form of exercise, it is a way of life to me. Thanks to Daniel and his team for keeping the ladies in vogue and in shape!

Senior bank executive, mother of two

Importance of having self-awareness of my own body

I was introduced to the art of Pilates by Alycia who is, in herself, a true inspiration. Her knowledge and eagerness to share has helped me understand Pilates and the importance of having self-awareness of my own body to bring out the true benefits of the art. I have always looked forward to my sessions with Alycia as her gentle demeanour made sessions comfortable and through her attentive and patient disposition, many of my doubts and clarifications could be resolved. Alycia exudes passion in her instruction and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with her.

University student

My muscles were given a good workout!

I did hot yoga before, but was still apprehensive about how my Pilates journey would go. I knew my core was weak, and felt that I would probably struggle a lot during the lessons. But, right from the first lesson, Eve put me at great ease. She introduced what Pilates is all about, and planned each lesson at a comfortable pace for me. She made me realised all the different muscles I do not know exist in my body, and she was also very precise and clear with her instructions, making sure that every exercise I did was done the correct way. Eve also made me push beyond my limits so that I could improve in my strength. Even though I would work out from each session with an aching body and jelly legs, I loved that feeling because I know that my muscles were given a good workout!

Eileen Lim

After each session, I leave feeling a lot better.

On the way to my first Pilates session a few years ago, I remember how sure I was that this it would just be another futile attempt to alleviate my upper back pain. After medication, my back pain not only did not improve, but it actually got worse and I was really worried. As I did not want to be reliant on meds to get through the day, I decided to give Pilates a try. Boy, I am really glad I did. At the end of the session, I felt a little bit better in my upper back – the first in a very long time! I continue to practice Pilates since and after each session, I leave feeling a lot better. Not only in terms of my back problems but I feel good overall. My back pain now is manageable and there are also days when I do not even feel it. I am convinced that through Pilates, I will eventually reach the point where I can say that I am pain-free.


Do not be deceived by her angelic looks!

I took Pilates one-to-one classes with Enda. Do not be deceived by her angelic looks where she is always wearing a great smile and being ever friendly and lovely. I really thought that my lessons will be a rather enjoyable and easy one, but oh man, how wrong I was! When it comes to the lessons, she is a strict, disciplined and serious teacher. She sets a very good example herself by being disciplined in doing her daily routines. I am very motivated to practise Pilates so as to achieve a great figure like hers.

Hui Gin

The level of instruction at Pilates BodyTree is truly superior.

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 15 years and Pilates for about a year and a half. I also run. I started my Pilates journey with BodyTree, but for a time, left the studio to try out other studios that were more convenient in terms of location – suffice to say that it was extremely hard to find another studio with the same level of highly technical and effective instruction. I can’t emphasize this point more, as it’s so easy to hurt yourself or perform ineffective actions in Pilates, if you don’t have proper instruction.

I was glad to return to BodyTree when it opened its new branches. These days, I frequent the East Coast branch and am really pleased with the way classes are conducted and overseen there. The crowd is friendly and driven (without being overly – competitive), we have great chats before and after class, and the teachers are firm without being overbearing or strict. Class is always fun yet challenging and there are modifications for every level of ability, so that every person in class remains engaged and motivated. I feel a definite improvement in strength, mobility and flexibility, and have a new awareness about how my body functions. When I was young(er!), it was all about the exertion and cardio and keeping weight off, but as I’ve gotten older, I have a newfound appreciation for being able to move without pain and without straining myself! To be frank, Pilates hasn’t made me lose weight, especially since I’m still a beginner – but it has enabled me to move more effectively so that I’ve been able to get more out of my cardio workouts. It’s taught me how to avoid injury/ overstrain and trained me to be more graceful and coordinated.

In terms of instruction, Adelind took excellent care of me in my private sessions and I tend to see Dorcas and Priscilla fairly often on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend them all; but it’s also worth mentioning that I’ve never had a bad class at BodyTree, such is the high standard of training that all teachers receive. All in all, I’m super happy with the studio, and would recommend it to anyone who values precise, technical instruction, within a collegial and friendly environment.

Usha Chandradas

I have gained more flexibility to do what I didn’t think was possible.

I have been coached by Jasmine since April 2016 when she started as our corporate coach. Lessons are twice weekly. Jasmine is extremely well-suited for what she delivers with her passion, a fine mix of humour, concern (always checking if we have any aches before the start of each class) and great attention to form and posture. I have personally benefitted from her crisp instructions on how to correct postures and alignment and to this day, continue to be mindful of how I walk and stand. I have gained more flexibility to do what I didn’t think was possible. While Jasmine challenges us to achieve, she also urges us to listen to our body and not over-exert. I have enjoyed attending every one of her class even when I have felt lazy as I knew that my body would be refreshed.


Jane has been instrumental in my journey

I have 2 levels of prolapsed discs in my lower lumbar spine, pain is an everyday occurrence. Not many instructors who profess to know Pilates dare to take up my case and those who are brave enough sometimes are just not creative enough to make a difference.

I stepped into the PBT studio on Amoy a few years ago, not knowing any of the instructors on the wall! Jane attended to me, patiently answered my numerous questions and convinced me that she could help. I was initially apprehensive but I am so glad we gave each other a chance. Every session, Jane patiently devised exercises and kept coming up with different alternatives that were effective but did not trigger those back spasms. We steadily worked through my many problem areas and injuries (there were quite a few!). When I first started, I suffered from back spasms every other month. I am very happy to say that in the past year, I do not recall any significant back pain episodes and can largely manage with work and family life. Jane has been instrumental in this journey. She relentlessly reminds me of my goal to be pain-free, to be a strong mum to my over-sized baby, and is a constant source of joy and positiveness. Life is enjoyable now. I cannot thank her enough.

Stella Ong

My current instructor is Ruthlynn and I am writing to express my thanks to her and to Pilates Bodytree.

I took a long break from Pilates because of my travels and injured my lower back during this time. Ruthlynn encouraged me to attend a lesson with her which I did today.

My lower back was very stiff and there was pain on my left side. At one point in time I couldn’t even straighten my back when I walked. Ruthlynn took great care today to first isolate the issues with my back and subsequently to work out a series of exercises to release and stretch the muscles in question.

Throughout the whole process she exercised utmost care so I don’t exacerbate the injury , checking every now and then that I felt no abnormal pain.

She’s always been a conscientious instructor who cared, even down to giving tips for protecting my back during housework 🙂

Thanks Ruthlynn! Now my back feels good enough for skydiving 😆

Chwee Ling

After my 5 sessions, I am a new-born soul. I feel liberated with improvement in my range of movements. Ruthlynn was very discerning and she would improvise activities according to my ability. I have experienced an improvement in my mobility and I can resume my favourite activity. I will definitely continue my training and work towards my fitness goal with Ruthlynn.

May Ong