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Tim (left) is now teaching group reformer at Core Collective Anson!
Some people have described Tim’s group classes as sorcery~ This avid hiker will be conducting his first hiking conditioning workshop at BodyTree studio next month, so we thought we’d find out more about his Pilates journey. Read on!
What did you do before you were a Pilates teacher?
I was a R&D engineer in the defence industry. My work mainly involved design: overall system performance, command and control and high performance embedded computing.

How did you start doing Pilates then?
I attended a group class at one of those big name gyms and fell in love with Pilates immediately because of the precision of movement and the amount of control you need to move.

So we know that you like to hike – tell us more!
The appeal of hiking is mainly the scenery. On a deeper level, it challenges my physical fitness and the mental strength. I find it very conducive to reflect during hikes.

What are your favourite group classes?
Pilates Matwork. The exercises can be used to strengthen the core, especially in movement. This is important during long hikes with a load on the back.

What do you like about teaching?
I get very excited when students feel the work in the right places and learn how to correct themselves. I also like to share what I learnt with students, so they understand why some movements are performed the way they are and hopefully they are able to move better without getting injured.

Could you share with us something members might not know about PBT?
I don’t know what I don’t know… LOL

Is there anything about Pilates you’d like people to know?
Pilates works a lot on moving strength. The exercise system comprises exercises that are performed with equipment and without (think Pilates Matwork exercises). Regardless, the exercises challenge precision and control and are excellent for people who want to improve body awareness.

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