How do I begin?

To help us understand your body and the way you move, we highly recommend you to join us for your first kickstarter session - a Mobility Fitness Assessment(MFA).

This one to one session (55mins) takes you through 10 exercises to determine where the imbalances of your body are that could contribute to aches and pain or reduce your performance.

Based on the MFA and your goals, we shall then give you recommendations on your next step.

Usual Price $200, Now $127 (inclusive of GST)

Sign up for MFA (Now only $127)

Live Online Classes

Making sure you're doing the exercises correctly with the right form sounds great in theory, but as many of you may have experienced, it's harder in real life when live streaming classes are packed and the instructors aren't even looking at you.

With BodyTree LIVE! Group classes, you can get the same attention from our highly qualified teachers as you would in our studio, while working out at home.

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