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Although we firmly believe that reformer group classes are not for everyone, we know how appealing (and fun) it is. If you’ve attended our Signature Group classes at PBT and have no existing injury, come join us on the reformer.
Our teachers are now teaching at Core Collective both Dempsey and Anson locations – sign up through Core Collective, and look for classes taught by Pilates BodyTree!

What is the Reformer?

The reformer is a spring-based equipment, and its resistance can help to challenge us, but it can also help to assist us in some movements. There was a video that we recently shared that spoke about the origins of Pilates – watch it to understand how the equipment came about!

The Pilates Reformer can help you with your imbalances and injuries

Since the Reformer was basically invented to help rehabilitate injured soldiers in the war, there are definitely ways that the reformer can help people with more modern injuries. This is what we usually do in Private sessions – we use the Reformer, the Chair, the Cadillac, and other small tools (basically we do whatever it takes) to help the correct muscles fire.

The Pilates Reformer can help challenge your integrated strength

The springs on the reformer can provide more resistance in the simplest of exercises for added challenge. A more manageable version of the reformer springs would be equivalent to our Slider & Tubing™ group classes!

The Pilates Reformer can help you achieve and improve in advanced Matwork/bodyweight exercises

Besides providing resistance, the springs on the Reformer also provides assistance.
Matwork or bodyweight exercises can get a lot more challenging and more advanced because of the control your body needs to get into certain positions. The Reformer can help beginners reach those hard to get to positions by helping to provide assistance.
If you have very tight hamstrings, you’d find it incredibly challenging to keep your legs up in the air. The reformer actually has straps that help to hold your legs up. The lighter the springs are, the less assistance, the more advanced. Ultimately, you’re aiming to do the exercise without the straps, which is equivalent to doing Matwork!
So there are many ways people of different levels can experience the reformer, and I hope I’ve convinced you of that!

But Reformer GROUP classes are not meant for people with pain

In a group class setting, the objectives of the class differ, and different teachers from different schools have different ways of teaching. These classes are usually to help those without pain get a good, balanced workout.
Thus, we would not recommend people with injuries to join in ANY type of general group class. Come for Private sessions so that you know the movements that will help you get out of pain, and avoid the movements that aggravate it.
If you’re already doing group classes with us – and you find them all enjoyable, you can come join our teachers at Core Collective for a bit of fun! Click to view our schedules: Anson or Dempsey
In our next post, find out how exercises on the Pilates Reformer machine compares to the weight-training equipment at the gym! 🙂
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