About Peishan Cheng

– BTA Pilates Matwork
– BTA Strength & Mobility
– BTA Movement Anatomy™
(Biomechanics & Pathologies)
– Yoga Alliance® Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Peishan is especially passionate about teaching women between their 20s to 40s who may be bendy but lack control and strength – an imbalance that, if left unchecked, could lead to pain and injury. Her instructions are intuitive yet precise, guiding students to be increasingly body-aware.

Being an educator has always been at the heart of Peishan’s work. As a professional of over 15 years in the competitive advertising and film industry, her work mantra centred around building a cohesive team through extensive sharing of knowledge. Peishan left the corporate world behind to become a Yoga teacher. She later realised Pilates helped her to recognize how much it increased her level of body awareness and precision in movement. Her Pilates practice complemented the flexibility she already has by developing a strong core and eccentric muscular strength.

Peishan believes that the road to teaching is also one of endless learning. As she develops her own practice, nothing excites Peishan more than to be able to share what she’s learned with her students. Using Pilates to effect positive physical changes in the people she work with is the main the driving force behind her work as a teacher.