About Kerry Lin

  • Mapwork Teacher
  • Pilates Reformer
  • Studio Teacher(Cadillac, High Barrel, Wonder Chair)
  • Prehap Trainer
  • Spine Corrector Training(English and Chinese)
  • Barefoot training – Level 1 and 2
  • Muscle Testing Workshop

Greetings! I’m Kerry, and I’m excited to be your Pilates companion. In my previous life, I served as an obstetric nurse, nurturing a deep fascination with the human body. This curiosity led me on an incredible journey to become a Pilates instructor, sparked by my relentless quest to find relief for my own persistent back pain. The results were nothing short of transformative, and I’ve been captivated by Pilates ever since.

My goal is to instill that same inspiration in my students, guiding them to embrace their true selves. My teaching approach is adaptable, catering to each individual’s unique physical condition and learning pace. In addition to offering flexibility in our training, I’m pleased to instruct in both English and Mandarin, ensuring that language is never a barrier in your path to wellness. I’m excited to support your Pilates journey.