About Angela Luo

  • Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1,2,3
  • BARE Workout Instructor
  • BTA Comprehensive Pilates Teacher
  • BTA Certified Pilates Matwork Teacher
  • Wall Rope Yoga CET
  • Vinyasa Yoga CET
  • Vinyasa Yoga CET
  • Wheel Yoga CET
  • Aerial Yoga CET
  • ACROVINTASA Level 1 Teacher
  • USA Yoga Alliance Certified E-RYT500 Teacher

Before she became a pilates teacher, Angela was a yoga teacher for 8 years, As a perfectionist, Angela is a highly motivated person who constantly urges herself and other to become better in practicing. Not only did the practice of yoga make Angela a more disciplined person, but she has also learnt to embrace her vulnerabilities and accept herself for who she is.

Teaching is reciprocal for her. Angela is able to bring out the best in each student, whilst knowing the limits of each. Her approach to teaching is one of self actualization to fulfill one’s potential. She is approachable yet firm in ensuring technique is learnt well as she believes this has impact on longevity in any forms of practice.

She had been suffering from lower back chronic pain after many years of intense training. After applying the scientific knowledge and practice techniques of Pilates, her core strength and stability improved significantly and the pain had never come back again. Practicing pilates has also help her to achieve more goals.