About Alice Tan

Alice is both a Pilates and Dance Teacher. She believes that being able to own your body’s full range of motion with strength and stability is something attainable for everyone, not just for the dancers whom she started off helping. 

Alice has been teaching dance (ballet, jazz and contemporary) since 2009, working with children from ages 3 to 16. She has performed in live performances with a contemporary dance company here in Singapore. She first came across Pilates conditioning as a dancer and experienced first-hand how effective Pilates was in strengthening her core and keeping her away from injuries. She pursued teaching Pilates after she realised how she could help her dance students perform better by having a strong physical foundation.

Seeing how her dance students and clients benefitted from Pilates whether be it getting stronger or free from pain and injuries all these years, she is committed to educate others using Pilates to move well and live more. She provides a systematic approach by targeting the root and cater the programme to the client’s needs after. Yet with her cheerful and friendly personality, you can always find fun and enjoyment in her sessions.   


  • Bachelor of Arts (Dance) Degree from Lasalle College of the Arts
  • Certified RAD Ballet Teacher 
  • Certified CSTD Jazz Teacher
  • Barefoot Training Specialist
  • BARE Workout Instructor 
  • BTA Certified Pilates Matwork Teacher
  • BTA Comprehensive Pilates Teacher