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As my mentor Jerry Teo says,

Children do sports to get fit
Adults get fit to do sports.

It’s an adage that has stuck with me throughout my practice.. Ok yes, it blew my mind ok? I was never a sporty kid, so I only understand the latter half that applies to me now as I’m picking up activities like boxing and rock climbing at age 30.

If you’re a sportsperson, whether you fight, dance, play badminton, tennis, basketball, squash, football or rugby, you’d know that it takes a lot of work to get better at it.

Conditioning work becomes critical when you’re serious about effective training for accelerated progress.

After all, we only have 24 hours a day, less time awake and even less time to do the things we love. How would we even find the time to include conditioning work and what would be the most effective things we could add to our training that would make the most impact?

If you do any of the sports I’ve mentioned above, the first and most important thing would be to train from the ground up. From the feet.

Because in those sports, your feet are your main contact point on the ground. They’re what drives you around the court or around the field.

Your feet receive the most impact forces. Just imagine, the impact every time a runner’s foot slams into the ground with the force of 3-4 times their bodyweight. That’s a lot of force, and our muscles react a lot slower (70m/s) than the speed at which we receive impact (50m/s).

So yes. We have to start training from the feet, ankles, knees and hips. Even if you’re not a runner.

Don’t run a marathon. That’s not going to help you learn how be efficient in moving. Instead, learn to train the muscles of your feet, your hips and your integrated core to work so that you can move fluidly and efficiently before you kick that ball, swing that racquet or throw that uppercut.

Come train with us at Run Injury Free! Workshop, created by podiatrist and movement specialist Dr Emily Splichal and presented by my mentor Jerry Teo, Asia’s Best Pilates Teacher, PowerPlate Master Trainer of the Year and co-founder of BodyTree Group.

If you have pain in your feet, ankles, knee or hips after your sport, come find out how you can train to get injury free.

Perhaps you can’t make it for our workshop yet, here’s something you can do before your run, game, dance or your fight to warm up!



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