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I have been searching extensively for courses to improve myself as a teacher since the start of 2019. I know my education doesn’t just affect me. It also affects the progress of my students and also my teaching staff. At our 1st Staff Development this year, I read out testimonials that our clients wrote to each of our teachers. I wanted our teachers to be appreciated for all the hard work and sacrifices that they have made to become better teachers for their students. I know that there are trainers in our industry who are satisfied with getting certified and then making their living as trainers without continuing with their education and they are happy to get by. I wanted you to know we are completely different.

In my younger days, I stretched my bank account to the limits to attend courses after courses. I don’t know if you know the market rate of courses. I have attended courses that cost me $5000 in 3 days. When I see a course that is $600 for 2 days, I’m super happy. I don’t consider myself anywhere near rich so that $600 was not cheap to me. It just means that I have left over cash to do another course. I know my teachers are experiencing this as well hence I wanted you to know how they have worked so hard behind the scenes to teach in the way that you have experienced. We are not any exercise trainers. We are a group of 22 teachers, passionate about making a difference to your physical well-being so that it improves your lives. When we become your teacher, we take responsibility to become better and updated because you matter to us.

Our focus this year is to help you, your family, friends and colleagues to benefit greatly from our teaching. We also rely on you to help us spread our work so that a lot more people can experience us and benefit from it. Our teachers would also have the opportunity to practise and share with you and the people around you, the new information they have learnt. As you know, we created a Mobility Fitness Assessment (MFA) so that you can determine where the imbalances of your body are. These imbalances potentially contribute to your aches & pain or reduce your performance. After this session, you won’t have to go through trial and error to find out where the weaknesses of your body lies. This will enable our teachers to design a training program that fits you perfectly. I strongly believe that everyone has to do the MFA once a year to review their current state of mobility, just like a medical checkup that you do every year to monitor your health. Even if you are doing other forms of exercise, this MFA can also help you greatly.

The usual investment for MFA is $200. You can sign up for the Mobility Fitness Assessment here at a discounted rate of $127.

I will also be presenting 3 workshops to take your learning in 2019 to another level:

1. Get Back On Track – Take charge of your lower back pain now!

I created Get Back On Track in 2017 because I was passionate about helping people with back pain. After 14 years of working with people with lower back pain, I am still on the quest to help them understand and experience what it takes to build a resilient back. My goal is to give my students movement confidence and competence, not movement fear and avoidance.

If you have lower back pain, it is critical that you take clear steps to understand how to train your body so that you can dramatically improve how you move. Don’t turn your back to lower back pain. After conducting many Get Back On Track workshops last year, I did a review and am now ready to launch the 2019 version. My mission in life is to teach and inspire people to make changes to improve their quality of life. Let me be part of your journey to take charge of your lower back pain now!

Get Back On Track (Level 1)

Date: 9th March 2019, Saturday 1.30-3pm

Investment: $47 (Original Price $100).

Venue: PBT (East) 1 Marine Parade Central, #11-09, Singapore 449408.

Click Here to make your payment for Level 1.

Get Back On Track (Level 2)

Date: 9th March 2019, Saturday 3.30-5.30pm

Investment: $97 (Original Price $200).

Venue: PBT (East) 1 Marine Parade Central, #11-09, Singapore 449408.

Click Here to make your payment for Level 2.

If you know of anyone who has lower back pain, send them this link to help them get back on track:

2. Run Injury Free

I am very excited to share with you that we would be having a RunInjuryFree! workshop again. RunInjuryFree! was created by my mentor, Dr Emily Splichal, a leading Podiatrist, human movement specialist and Founder of Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA), in collaboration with Power Plate. I would be sharing with you on how you can optimise your movement (and running) patterns using barefoot science, fascial fitness and neuromuscular conditioning. If you are into any sports that require you to run a little, this workshop would be very useful to you as well. Here are the details:

Date: 10th March 2019, Sunday 1.30-3.30pm

Investment: $97 (Original Price $200).

Venue: PBT (East), 1 Marine Parade Central, #11-09, Singapore 449408

Click Here to make your payment for RunInjuryFree!

If you know of anyone who is into running, please invite them by sending them this link:

3. Accelerated Flexibility Training

If you have seen me in 2004 or before, you will know I was really not flexible. Before 2004, my muscles were extremely tight, in fact tighter than a lot of the people you see in classes. In my own quest to become more flexible from the 2004 days, I have heard different types of advice from flexible people. Actually a lot of these advices were not necessarily useful in helping me or my students become a lot more flexible. After studying Flexibility extensively, I realised flexibility training is not just about stretching a lot. In fact:

  1. Your body type matters.
  2. Your concept of what improves flexibility must come from an evidence based approach versus trial and error.
  3. How you release your tension matters.
  4. How you make use of your reflexes matters
  5. The tools you use has to be appropriate for you.
  6. The type of stretch has to match your level of flexibility.

If you are someone who has really tight muscles and want to become a lot more flexible, come to my workshop. I understand the pains of stretching and the journey it takes to get there. I’m not flexible to begin with, so my way of teaching you how to become flexible is not “Go stretch everyday!” or “Stretch for as long as you can”. Being flexible and being able to teach flexibility are 2 separate things. I highly encourage you to learn from someone who has been in the same position as you did, tried everything he could and overcame all obstacles to become a lot more flexible. I am such a Teacher.

I created Accelerated Flexibility Training because I am determined to help people who are not flexible experience massive results in Stretching. Moreover my teaching skills in flexibility was honed by learning from the teachers I consider the best in the world. I’ll share with you how you can take clear steps to massively improve how you stretch so that you can also become more flexible.

Date: 10th March 2019, Sunday 4.00-6.00pm

Investment: $97 (Original Price $200).

Venue: PBT (East), 1 Marine Parade Central, #11-09, Singapore 449408

Click Here to make your payment for Accelerated Flexibility Training

If you know of anyone who really needs to become more flexible, please invite them by sending them this link:

I have poured all the knowledge and experience that I have acquired into those 3 workshops to help you take great steps forward. I assure you that you will be getting the best of me there! See you there.

We look forward to your progress in 2019!

Jerry Teo
Managing Director, Co-Founder
Pilates BodyTree