About Dorcas Leck

A curious and energetic individual, Dorcas is always seeking to understand the “why” behind
the way human body moves and how these movements can be more efficiently and
effectively executed. This interest in deepening her knowledge of the human anatomy is only
matched for her desire to develop sessions that are interesting, accessible and most
importantly, beneficial for a diverse group of individuals.

Her personal interaction with Pilates is not unlike many others; out of curiosity and seeking a
non-surgical solution for a persistent, inhibitive shoulder injury. Across her impatient and
frustrating journey to recovery, she later recognised the importance of addressing the source
of a pain and problem, instead of solely focusing on the symptoms. She takes this approach
to her teaching and seeks to affect change with even the most nondescript exercises.

Having experienced first-hand the positive impacts of Pilates in her personal pursuits in
sports and ballet, Dorcas finds no greater joy than to share her knowledge and passion with
individuals who are seeking to enhance their quality of movement; and improve their athletic
performance. She is firm and exacting when necessary, but compassionate and
approachable always.