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All of us are not new to the idea of doing a health screening. But have you thought of doing a physical fitness screening?

Mobility Fitness Assessment (MFA) consists of 10 exercises and through this assessment you will find out your strengths, weaknesses and imbalances. With that information, it will help us greatly in tailoring a programme just for you. Tailoring a programme is about the journey and the MFA serves as a starting point for both you and the teacher. We will not have to go through trial & error methods, wasting your time and of course money. Ideally we can zoom into areas to work on if you were to start on privates or group classes with us.

I have been asked if the MFA is comprehensive enough to assess the entire body. Yes and No, because there is no perfect assessment in the world. We are constantly refining our MFA, making it relatable and functional as it can be. These 10 exercises were carefully selected with different objectives in mind with respect to the exercises and most of the pieces involves multiple joint movements. It covers the important joint functions, all spinal mechanics, strength and flexibility aspects. For example, when you go for a common blood test and you will find out if you have any ailments which needs to be addressed and then the doctor will recommend you to go for further testing to find out more. So, I would say the whole body is being assessed.

It is not only about finding out whether you are strong, weak, flexible and tight. It is about understanding what these mean to your body. What does having a strong muscle and a weak muscle acting on the same joint mean to your body? Muscular imbalances in our body is one of the main causes of injuries. A classic example is the Patellofemoral pain syndrome (Knee pain), can be caused by weak Vastus Medialis(the inner part of the thigh muscle group). When overpowered by the outer part of the thigh muscle group, it pulls your knee cap out the track that it should be sliding on, causing pain. So, it is important that we find out if there are any form of imbalances in your body and we seek to rectify that as much as we can through of training programme.

Having said all these, I feel that MFA is preliminary to preparing a unique fitness routine for yourself with clear and informed steps to progress.

If you think having clarity in your fitness progress is important to you, sign up for a Mobility Fitness Assessment here today!



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