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Pilates (an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago) has seen a continuous surge in popularity in Singapore over the past few years, with increasing numbers of classes being conducted in studios, gyms, clubs, home etc.

To the uninitiated Pilates beginners, you may think of Pilates for beginners as slow, boring, not challenging, only for women and of little benefit unless you are injured.

In reality, Pilates exercises (especially at the advanced level) demand a high degree of flexibility, strength, control, athleticism and self awareness of the practitioner’s body that may only be achieved by following a properly guided Pilates private session or Pilates class. Even individuals who excel in their sport of choice may find it challenging to do a Pilates class for the very reason that Pilates addresses the body as a whole system.

However, it can be confusing for beginners especially when it comes to selecting the appropriate studio, Pilates teacher or Pilates class.

In our next few posts, we will address some of the most asked questions from Pilates beginners.