About Ruthlynn Tan

– Diploma in Special Education & Dyslexia Studies
– BTA Pilates Matwork
– BTA Movement Anatomy™ (Biomechanics & Pathologies)
– BARE® Workout Instructor

Ruthlynn is passionate about helping post-natal and larger sized women experience the benefits of movement through Pilates. She believes it is essential for them to build their strength, mobility and stability. She is also a specialist tutor for young people with dyslexia and a mother of 2.

Having put on a whopping 20kg of pregnancy weight, Ruthlynn was determined to lead a healthier and more robust lifestyle as well as for the sake of her loved ones. As such, she engaged in various aerobic exercises in 2014 to manage her weight loss routine. To her amazement, she realised that her results became better after she started Pilates. Pilates helped to improve her stamina to carry out the high intensity exercises that she loved. She also had greater confidence to move with fluidity and found her core strength.

Ruthlynn believes that the way to boost one’s well-being, confidence as well as overcoming personal and emotional challenges is by walking each day with an expectation of good, taking a step a time to experience life. Ruthlynn feels restoration of the body begins when the mindset is determined to do so.

After my 5 sessions, I am a new-born soul. I feel liberated with improvement in my range of movements. Ruthlynn was very discerning and she would improvise activities according to my ability. I have experienced an improvement in my mobility and I can resume my favourite activity. I will definitely continue my training and work towards my fitness goal with Ruthlynn.

May Ong

My current instructor is Ruthlynn and I am writing to express my thanks to her and to Pilates Bodytree.

I took a long break from Pilates because of my travels and injured my lower back during this time. Ruthlynn encouraged me to attend a lesson with her which I did today.

My lower back was very stiff and there was pain on my left side. At one point in time I couldn’t even straighten my back when I walked. Ruthlynn took great care today to first isolate the issues with my back and subsequently to work out a series of exercises to release and stretch the muscles in question.

Throughout the whole process she exercised utmost care so I don’t exacerbate the injury , checking every now and then that I felt no abnormal pain.

She’s always been a conscientious instructor who cared, even down to giving tips for protecting my back during housework 🙂

Thanks Ruthlynn! Now my back feels good enough for skydiving 😆

Chwee Ling