About Jeremy Lee

– BSc (Hons) Chemistry
– Specialist Dip (Sports and Exercise Science)
– BodyTree Academy (BTA) Certified Pilates Teacher
– Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher
– BTA Movement Anatomy™ (Biomechanics & Pathologies)
– FISAF Personal Trainer
– Rehab Trainer

Jeremy first became involved in the field of fitness in 2009, and he started his foray in this industry after being certified in personal training. He discovered an interest in Pilates a year later, after accepting an invitation to participate in a Pilates class. This interest gradually grew into passion and love for Pilates. He then obtained certification in Pilates matwork, and is now a qualified teacher in Fletcher Pilates.

Jeremy participated in competitive kayaking and dragonboating during university. The nature of those sports led to an imbalance in his muscular development and his performance subsequently plateaued. Poor office ergonomic and reduced physical training in his working life exacerbated these muscles imbalance and led to daily aches and pain. From his personal experience, he understands how potential spinal issues could rob a person’s ability to enjoy daily activities. He became a firm advocate of fitness and believes that the best way to attain optimal health is by having a healthy spine and posture.

Jeremy continues to invest his time in studying Pilates and injury pathologies so that he can create better synergy in using Pilates exercises to strengthen bodies of injured clients. He is always keen to share his knowledge with his clients, and finds great joy when he sees their bodies enhanced through Pilates.