About Jasmine Lee

– Bbm Marketing (High Distinction)
– PBT Admin Team
– BTA Certified Pilates Teacher
– BTA Movement Anatomy™ (Biomechanics & Pathologies)
– BARE® Workout Instructor
– Barefoot Training Specialist (R) Level 1,2,3
– Certified Stretch Therapy Teacher
– Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations (Burrell Education)
– Women’s Wellness and Whole Body Vibration (Burrell Education)
– Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Course (The Tummy Team)

Jasmine is a teacher who finds great joy in helping others. She loves working with people who are determined to get better and has an affinity with people who are into sports. An active and adventurous person who delved into Muay Thai, Swimming & Gymnastics, Jasmine believes in pushing her limits, in a safe and measured way.

Having suffered from an injury at an early age, Jasmine was attracted to Pilates because it is effective in enhancing her core strength, balance, alignment and mobility, which she felt are important factors in sports performance. She also loved how Pilates gave her a platform to deepen her knowledge in kinesiology so that she can help her students achieve sports performance, and overcome any psychological fear of injuries. This knowledge has also helped her in overcoming her scoliosis as an inhibition to her movement.

Jasmine strongly believes in being an independent learner. She strives to teach all her students to overcome any physical limitations and become independent in their quests to sports excellence.