About Derek Zee

– BA (Hons) Graphic Design
– BTA Certified Pilates Teacher
– BTA Movement Anatomy™ (Biomechanics and Pathologies)
– BARE® Workout Instructor

Derek is a strong communicator and believes in doing his best in everything he does. This included sprinting, high jumping, swimming, volleyball and badminton, and he certainly tries his best in storming down the mountain in downhill skiing. It pains him that people at different ages often take their health and fitness for granted, and he wants to help them change that.

Having experienced recurring shoulder injuries and lower back issues, Pilates played a major part in helping him to feel strong and have greater mobility. Together with his Yoga practice, these helped to keep his mind, body and soul together as a foil to the rather fast paced creative agency career he had for over 20 years. The rehabilitative capabilities of Pilates help him decide to become a Pilates Teacher.

Derek believes the journey for every individual is different but will strive to share his own transformational experiences to make them just as rewarding every single time.