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I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 15 years and Pilates for about a year and a half. I also run. I started my Pilates journey with BodyTree, but for a time, left the studio to try out other studios that were more convenient in terms of location – suffice to say that it was extremely hard to find another studio with the same level of highly technical and effective instruction. I can’t emphasize this point more, as it’s so easy to hurt yourself or perform ineffective actions in Pilates, if you don’t have proper instruction.

I was glad to return to BodyTree when it opened its new branches. These days, I frequent the East Coast branch and am really pleased with the way classes are conducted and overseen there. The crowd is friendly and driven (without being overly – competitive), we have great chats before and after class, and the teachers are firm without being overbearing or strict. Class is always fun yet challenging and there are modifications for every level of ability, so that every person in class remains engaged and motivated. I feel a definite improvement in strength, mobility and flexibility, and have a new awareness about how my body functions. When I was young(er!), it was all about the exertion and cardio and keeping weight off, but as I’ve gotten older, I have a newfound appreciation for being able to move without pain and without straining myself! To be frank, Pilates hasn’t made me lose weight, especially since I’m still a beginner – but it has enabled me to move more effectively so that I’ve been able to get more out of my cardio workouts. It’s taught me how to avoid injury/ overstrain and trained me to be more graceful and coordinated.

In terms of instruction, Adelind took excellent care of me in my private sessions and I tend to see Dorcas and Priscilla fairly often on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend them all; but it’s also worth mentioning that I’ve never had a bad class at BodyTree, such is the high standard of training that all teachers receive. All in all, I’m super happy with the studio, and would recommend it to anyone who values precise, technical instruction, within a collegial and friendly environment.

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