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On the way to my first Pilates session a few years ago, I remember how sure I was that this it would just be another futile attempt to alleviate my upper back pain. After medication, my back pain not only did not improve, but it actually got worse and I was really worried. As I did not want to be reliant on meds to get through the day, I decided to give Pilates a try. Boy, I am really glad I did. At the end of the session, I felt a little bit better in my upper back – the first in a very long time! I continue to practice Pilates since and after each session, I leave feeling a lot better. Not only in terms of my back problems but I feel good overall. My back pain now is manageable and there are also days when I do not even feel it. I am convinced that through Pilates, I will eventually reach the point where I can say that I am pain-free.

Will work out for cheese pizza