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How long is each session?

Each session is approximately 55 mins.

How does it work?

We will send you an email with instructions on how to book, and how you can set up for the video call on Zoom.

Will online classes carry on after the Circuit Breaker is lifted?

Even when the CB is lifted, there is a high chance of strict distancing measures that will have to be implemented in our studio. Hence we would like to think it could be carrying on for quite a while.

More questions? Email us at info@bodytreegroup.com!

We make it personal

Don't just follow a workout video. Mix and match your classes to fit your goals and objectives!

Our classes are thoughtfully designed with specific intentions – highlighting the different benefits of Pilates so that you can focus on what you want to achieve.

Classes are capped at 9pax to ensure BodyTree quality standard of teaching and movement correction.

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My spine felt liberated after the session

Unwind the Spine was not a fast pace or high intensity session. Instead we were guided through a series of movements to stretch and lengthen our spine and other parts of the body affecting the tightness in our back. This might sound odd but my spine (or I) felt liberated after the session. A nice way to end the day or the week. Thanks, Kris!

L Tan

Happy to report it was thoroughly enjoyable

Really enjoyed the online class experience. Have to admit that I was skeptical initially as I imagined virtual class won’t give me as much as actual classes could with teachers correcting your movement verbally and physically. Happy to report it was thoroughly enjoyable. Daniel was quite clear about everything from the start till the end and catch even small details of my movement. While I do miss physical presence of teachers, this is the best class we could get under this unprecedented pandemic situation. Thank you Daniel!

Yoshie Yamamoto

That was one sweaty workout…..

That was one sweaty workout….. and was my 5th today.
So I was like half alive.
It was a good practice & the lifting off leg is tough.
Good to see you again & will meet on your next Zoom.
Miss you & take care.:‑X

Beal Rema

It was my first online session, and much better than I expected.

It was my first online session, and much better than I expected. I was worried about how different it’s from offline class, but quite easy to follow the movement or check my postures via screen, and most importantly great encouragement for me to stretch myself a little bit more, which I can’t do so by myself. Looking forward to having next session.

Waki Tanaka

I honestly thought this was fantastic!

Hi Daniel, thanks for the handstand beginner class this morning. I honestly thought this was fantastic! I never imagined it would be possible to provide individualised coaching using Zoom. Honestly thought there would be a cast of thousands in the class and I could hide in the back row 😅. But I was really pleased to have such clear guidance remotely. I did learn that it’s not a good idea to have my dirty feet on a white wall though…Next time I’m wearing socks 🤣

Hopefully my shoulder can hold up for another session. The warm up works really well for me. Thanks again

Michelle Leung

I like the privacy but kinda miss the peer pressure hahah

Hi Vera,
I am very happy to be able to get back to my Pilates routines. Sharing with you my views of the pros and cons of online classes from my perspective:
– Save on the traveling time, great
– Limited equipment at home, need to improvise
– Communication with teacher is at a distance, not sure if u could hear or see me clearly. I managed to fix my screen mirror issue so I should be able to see teacher n the movements better in the next classes
– Limited feedback to check posture n movements. I miss the mirrors in the studio. Will try to set up 1 at home. But will help if teacher give more feedback.
– I like the privacy but kinda miss the peer pressure hahah

Overall, it’s a good start. My back (between the scapulas) already started aching this morning 🙂

Tai Ping Ling